New address starting 01/03/2018:

Fritz-Elsas-Straße 38
70174 Stuttgart

T. +49 711 3000 385

F. +49 711 3000 386

Opening hours
Monday8.00 - 18.30
Tuesday8.00 - 18.30
Wednesday8.00 - 17.15
Thursday8.00 - 18.30
Friday8.00 - 17.15


Come in for level placement and consultation free of charge each Monday and Thursday from 14:00 h to 17:00 h without advance notification!

You can also apply to the Federal Office for reduced-cost or free course participation at these times. Level placement and consultation take place on our premises at Fritz-Elsas-Straße 38 in Stuttgart.

Wir sind umgezogen. Neue Adresse: Fritz-Elsas-Straße 38, 70174 Stuttgart

About us

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henke schulungen: an accredited non-profit educational institution based in Stuttgart. The institution pursues charitable goals, not economic goals.

Its goals: to promote education and the integration of emigrants, refugees and other immigrants with a broad range of educational courses, which, for example, enables the participants to pursue steady employment in the general labour market or to gain normal school qualification. This is achieved by means of intensive consulting and training, e.g. language courses, preparatory courses for receiving school qualifications and vocational orientation programmes. (according to the Articles of Association from 11/10/2002)

Simone Henke
Managing Director: Simone Henke has had many years of experience with the successful execution of language courses, vocational training courses and school qualifications of various types and durations for immigrants of all age groups and countries of origin. Furthermore, she has conducted language tests for several hundred immigrants in the Stuttgart region over the past few years, providing them with consulting with respect to their further professional development and their future.
Profile: the training courses at henke schulungen are distinguished by an intensive, individual initial consultation and level placement, an especially goal-oriented, structured approach to teaching in a friendly, trusting atmosphere and an intensive consultation and supervision of the participants by the AWO, if necessary in the participant''s native language.
In Zusammenarbeit mit der Arbeiterwohlfahrt Stuttgart

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